ISMIS 2011, June 28-30, Warsaw, Poland

SYNAT Workshop – Post-Conference Event

As a post-conference event by The International Symposium on Methodologies for Intelligent Systems (ISMIS 2011)

July 1, 2011
Warsaw, Poland

Abstract submission deadline: April 8, 2011

SYNAT Workshop Program

Scope and Objectives

SYNAT is a large scientific project aiming to create a universal hosting and scientific content storage and sharing platform for academia, education and open knowledge society. The project is carried out between 2010 and 2013 by the research consortium comprising major Polish science institutions. The aim of the workshop is to create a forum for exchange of ideas concerning the methods employed in the project and results achieved so far. Topics of interest include all areas covered by the project. Participation in the workshop is by invitation only.

Paper Submissions

Authors from the institutions participating in the SYNAT project are invited to submit their manuscripts in English. Papers should be prepared using the Springer LNCS/LNAI style with 8-30 pages. All paper submissions will be handled electronically. All submissions will be subject to review by the SYNAT Workshop program committee.

Paper should be submitted in PDF format via SYNAT@ISMIS2011 Online Submission System:


Proceedings of the SYNAT Workshop will be published by Springer-Verlag in Studies in Computational Intelligence series. Any necessary information concerning typesetting can be obtained directly from Springer at Springer-Verlag page.

Important Dates

Workshop Chairs

Henryk Rybiński
Warsaw University of Technology

Marek Niezgódka
University of Warsaw


Robert Bembenik
Warsaw University of Technology

Łukasz Skonieczny
Warsaw University of Technology

Program Committee

Krzysztof Ciesielski (Polish Academy of Sciences)
Jerzy Gawinecki (Military University of Technology)
Piotr Gawrysiak (Warsaw University of Technology)
Krzysztof Goczyła (Gdansk University of Technology)
Andrzej Głowacz (AGH University of Science and Technology)
Jakub Koperwas (Warsaw University of Technology)
Jacek Koronacki (Polish Academy of Sciences)
Bozena Kostek (Gdansk University of Technology)
Marzena Kryszkiewicz (Warsaw University of Technology)
Tomasz Martyn (Warsaw University of Technology)
Cezary Mazurek (Polish Academy of Sciences)
Mikołaj Morzy (Poznan University of Technology)
Son Nguyen (University of Warsaw)
Maciej Piasecki (Wroclaw University of Technology)
Grzegorz Protaziuk (Warsaw University of Technology)
Artur Przelaskowski (Warsaw University of Technology)
Grzegorz Płoszajski (Warsaw University of Technology)
Zbigniew Raś (Warsaw University of Technology)
Przemysław Rokita (Warsaw University of Technology)
Dominik Ryżko (Warsaw University of Technology)
Dominik Ślęzak (University of Warsaw)
Krzysztof Walczak (Warsaw University of Technology)
Piotr Wasilewski (University of Warsaw)

SYNAT Workshop Program*

Friday, 1.07.2011

9:00-9:10 Audytorium CentralneSYNAT Workshop Opening
Audytorium CentralneThe SYNAT Project Concepts
9:10-10:30 Semantic Search and Analytics over Large Repository of Scientific Articles,
Hung Son Nguyen, Dominik Ślęzak, Andrzej Skowron and Jan G. Bazan
On Designing the System SYNAT,
Linh Anh Nguyen and Hung Son Nguyen
Retrieval and management of scientific information from heterogeneous sources,
Dominik Ryzko, Piotr Gawrysiak, Przemysław Więch and Marek Kozłowski
RDBMS Model for Scientific Articles Analytics,
Marcin Kowalski, Dominik Ślęzak, Krzysztof Stencel, Przemysław Pardel, Marek Grzegorowski and Michał Kijowski
10:30-10:50 Coffee break
Audytorium CentralneSemantic Clustering and Multimedia Data Processing
10:50-12:50 Semantic Clustering of Scientific Articles with use of DBpedia Knowledge Base,
Marcin Szczuka, Andrzej Janusz and Kamil Herba
Extended document representation for search result clustering,
S. Hoa Nguyen, Wojciech Świeboda and Grzegorz Jaśkiewicz
Semantic recognition of digital documents in the SYNAT project,
Kamil Herba, Paweł Gora, Sebastian Stawicki, Trung Nguyen and Paweł Betliński
FPGA implementation of the selected parts of the fast image segmentation,
Maciej Wielgosz, Ernest Jamro, Dominik Żurek and Kazimierz Wiatr
Evaluation of image descriptors for retrieval of similar images,
Rafał Frączek and Bogusław Cyganek
Online Sound Restoration for Digital Library Applications,
Andrzej Czyzewski, Adam Kupryjanow and Bożena Kostek
12:50-14:20 Lunch
Audytorium CentralneOntology-based Systems
14:20-16:00 Towards Semantic Evaluation of Information Retrieval,
Piotr Wasilewski
Methods and tools for ontology building, learning and integration – application in the SYNAT project,
Anna Wróblewska, Teresa Podsiadły-Marczykowska, Robert Bembenik, Grzegorz Protaziuk and Henryk Rybiński
Personalized Search Using Knowledge Collected and Made Accessible A Model of Ontological Profile of the User and Group in PrOnto System,
Cezary Chudzian, Edward Klimasara, Anna Paterek, Jarosław Sobieszek and Andrzej P. Wierzbicki
Transforming a Flat Metadata Schema to a Semantic Web Ontology: The Polish Digital Libraries Federation and CIDOC CRM Case Study,
Cezary Mazurek, Krzysztof Sielski, Maciej Stroiński, Justyna Walkowska, Marcin Werla and Jan Węglarz
Modularized knowledge bases using contexts, conglomerates and a query language,
Krzysztof Goczyla, Aleksander Waloszek, Wojciech Waloszek and Teresa Zawadzka
16:00-16:20 Coffee break
Audytorium CentralneIntelligent Systems, Tools and Applications
16:20-17:40 Connectionist Language Model for Polish,
Łukasz Brocki, Krzysztof Marasek and Danijel Korzinek
Integration of Heterogeneous Knowledge Resources through Virtual Database Views,
Michał Drabik, Wiktor Filipowicz, Piotr Habela, Emil Wcisło and Kazimierz Subieta
Commonly Accessible Web Service Platform — Wiki-WS,
Henryk Krawczyk and Marek Downar
Computer Supported Cooperative Work with Liferay Portal,
Błażej Zyglarski and Piotr Bała

*Workshop presentations should be prepared in either English or Polish and given in Polish.